Disqualification = Qualification

Disqualification= Qualification

Text: Mark 2:17

The word “grace” is gotten from the Greek word “charis” which means “unearned, unmerited and undeserved favor.” The moment you “deserve” Grace then Grace is no longer Grace! Grace is God’s disposition to forgive you ALL your sins without any input of your own. The qualification for justification is actually your disqualifications i.e the qualification for a doctor is a SICK patient, the qualification for a teacher is being a STUDENT.

In the Church world today, you hear people say things like “Check yourself before you come near” “Make sure you’re sinless” and the sort. That’s like washing your body BEFORE having your bath! Come on, Jesus is the bath who has washed us of ALL our sins- past, present & FUTURE! So you can approach Him boldly because they are NO sins to be exposed by the radiant light around Him!

It is the sinner who is qualified for the free gift of righteousness & the abundance of Grace NOT THE “RIGHTEOUS.” Beloved, you have to stop trying to “earn” qualification, the blood of Jesus has ALREADY qualified you FOREVER, there is NOTHING wrong with you! Jesus came to save sinners not self-righteous people! Grace be unto you all!


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