Christ Is The End Of The Law

Christ Is The End Of The Law

Text: Romans 10:1-4


The Law could not make anyone righteous. In 1500 years of the existence of the Law, not a single soul was justified, even David (who I personally esteem as one of the best during his time) was also condemned by the Law! Trying to be right by the Law is like looking at a mirror and seeing a lot of pimples & acne and then trying to get rid of the skin infections by rubbing the mirror against your face- it can NEVER work!


God was sick of self-righteousness and “merited favor” therefore He sent Jesus to fulfill the Law on our behalf and then establish a New Covenant of His righteousness and unmerited favor. Christ is the end of the Law for us who believe in His finished work! Beloved, stop trying to attain righteousness by the Law, it cannot save you! Put your faith solely on God’s grace which FREELY imparts righteousness unto you. The Law is opposite of faith- you cannot be working and believing at the same time- its just not possible! Its either you choose your weak and ever-failing self effort to attain righteousness and justification (this is impossible) or you can depend on Christ’s merit for your salvation. Remember, Christ is the end of the Law for all who believe in His finished work! Grace be unto you all!


© Josh Banks Ministries. 31st March, 2015.



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