Religion vs. Grace

Religion vs. Grace

Text: Romans 10:3-4, 11: 6


Today, when you look at the Church, you find a LOT of schizophrenic believers who are SO confused about simple Truths of the New Covenant. They believe erroneously that God can bless them today when they are obedient but curse them tomorrow when they disobey Him. He can prosper them today and curse them with poverty and lack tomorrow to teach them patience, He can give them health today and give them a terminal disease tomorrow to teach them humility.


A believer is asked “Are you the Righteousness of God in Christ’s Jesus?” and he says “YES!” then you ask Him “Are you a sinner?” and he says “YES!” If he knew what it meant to be the RIGHTEOUSNESS of God, He wouldn’t have the guts to call himself a sinner! You ask another “Do you believe in eternal salvation?” and she says “YES!” and then you ask “Can you go to hell?” and she says “YES!”


Religion has REALLY messed up the mind of believers so that they believe ANYTHING but the Truth. Religion is man seeking God but Grace (unmerited favor) is God seeking man! Dear believer, Jesus has died, was buried & resurrected! Why are you living like the Cross did not make a difference!


You are NO longer under the Law of Moses but under Grace — not under Demand but under Supply! You are the New Creation in Christ. You’re now in Him! Beloved, stop negating what Jesus has done. It is HIS finished work not YOURS! Stop trying to finished a finished work. Free forgiveness of sins and eternal salvation are NOT figments of man’s imagination or an “idea” of certain sects! NO! It is THE Gospel, the too good to be true News! Think upon this. Grace be unto you.


© Josh Banks Ministries. 23 June, 2015.


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