What is the role of an evangelist?

The word “evangelist” as used in the New Testament portion of the Bible is translated from the Greek word “euaggelistés.” This is a term derived from the root word “euaggelion” which refers to “good news or glad tidings.” That which inspires joy and happiness in the heart of the hearer. An evangelist is a herald of same.

This readily shows that the work of the evangelist is CLEARLY spelt out. He has NO BUSINESS preaching condemnation to the unsaved. He is a herald of good news! He must focus on letting the unbeliever know the potency of the Saviour’s work, regardless of his actions. This ONLY can inspire faith.

How do you expect that one trusts in Another for salvation who, in the first place, is out to get him for his sins? This is why several evangelisms have gotten lesser results than they ought. If it is not Christ’s goodness irrespective of man, then it is NOT the Gospel. “Stop sinning” is not the Gospel. “Turn or burn” is not the Gospel. “Sinners in the hands of an angry God” is not the Gospel. “Hold on till the end” is not the Gospel! The Gospel is clear: It is the good news of how Christ died, was buried and raised in order to save man from the consequences of his sins. Anyone who believes receives this salvation eternally and will not receive again what the Saviour ALREADY died for!

Know the message and teach it well. I’m convinced when the TRUE Gospel is announced in the hearing of the unsaved, it’s too good a deal to be passed.


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