Jesus Sat!

Jesus Sat!

Text: Hebrews 1:3-4, 10:10- 12


We have an High Priest today at the Father’s right hand and His name is Christ Jesus. He is our advocate before the Father and best of all, He is sitted. Under the Old Covenant “every priest stands ministering daily and offering repeatedly the same sacrifices, which could NEVER take away sin” But Jesus “after He had offered one sacrifice for sins forever, sat down.” Jesus offered a perfect sacrifice once for all and then He sat down at God’s right hand to show that the work was indeed finished. If Jesus had not successfully effectively taken care of ALL our sins, He would NEVER had sat down! In the holy place of the tabernacle of Moses, there was not a single piece of furniture for the Priest to sit on.

You would find the table of showbread, the menorah and an altar of incense but nothing for the priest to rest on. This was because his job was NEVER finished, the blood of bulls and goats under the Mosaic Law could never take away sins, they only temporarily removed the GUILT of sins, but Jesus’ blood effectively cleansed us of ALL our sins and then He sat down to show that His work was COMPLETE!

Beloved, Christ has accomplished everything for you at the Cross. His perfect sacrifice has perfected you FOREVER! Stop trying to perfect yourself again, the work is finished, sit down! Christ did not need your help or permission to die for you and beloved, He does not need your help nor your permission to keep you saved till He comes back for you! The next time the devil comes to remind you of your sins, just remind him that your High Priest is SEATED. His work is finished, depend totally on Him and not the arm of your flesh! Grace be unto you!


© Josh Banks Ministries. 16th July, 2015.


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