A Better Covenant, Time To Upgrade!

A Better Covenant, Time To Upgrade!

Text: Hebrews 7:22-28, 8:6-13


There are SO many covenants recorded in the Bible but the Holy Spirit majors on two Covenants — the Old and New Testament. The Old Testament is the Sinaitic covenant of the Law based on man’s performance and his ability to keep God’s commands while the New Testament is the covenant of Grace based on Christ ALONE and what He has done. We are no longer under the Old Covenant of Law, we are now under the the New Covenant of Grace and Christ is the guarantee of this Covenant. Grace pre-existed and supersedes the Law BY FAR — the Law DEMANDS righteousness from bankrupt men but Grace FREELY IMPARTS righteousness to all who believe (Note that righteousness is NOT what you do but is a free gift under the New Covenant) The Old Testament has been made obsolete at the arrival of a better covenant.

Here is an illustration- You had an application on your iPhone. One day, the manufacturer of the software upgraded the application, what happens to the previous version of the software? It becomes old, stale, obsolete! You can decide to keep the old version or upgrade to the new version of the software.

God has “upgraded” His Covenant with us, this New Covenant is based on BETTER promises than the latter. Here’s a contrast between the two Covenants:


O.T: Says “I will by no means clear the guilty”

N.T: I will by no means be mad at you or condemn you ever again


O.T: I will visit your sins to your 4th& 5th generation

N.T: I will be merciful to your unrighteousness & your sins and lawless deeds, I will remember NO MORE


O.T: The first miracle of the Law was to turn water into blood resulting into death

N.T: The first miracle of Grace was to turn water unto wine, resulting in life& celebration


O.T: Demands righteousness

N.T: Imparts Righteousness freely as a gift


O.T: 3000 died when it was given at Mount Sinai

N.T: 3000 people were saved when it was given at Mount Zion


O.T: Condemns the best of us

N.T: Saves the worst of us!


Beloved of the Father, you can choose to remain under the Law and depend solely on the arm of flesh OR you can depend SOLELY on Christ under Grace. God has established a better Covenant with us through Christ, its time to upgrade, don’t miss out on its benefits! Grace be unto you all!


© Josh Banks Ministries. 23rd April, 2015.


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