The Bible’s Use of Non-Scientific Language.

To be true, a thing need not use scholarly, technical, or so-called “scientific” language. The Bible was written for the COMMON person of every generation. It therefore uses COMMON, everyday language. The Bible’s use of non-scientific language is not “un-scientific,” it is rather “pre-scientific.”

The Scriptures were written in ANCIENT times and by ANCIENT standards. It would therefore be unfair to try to measure them by our MODERN scientific standards.

This is why Joshua could speak of “the sun standing still” (in Joshua 10:12). This was because the Scriptures were written in an OBSERVATIONAL manner i.e. the authors wrote AS THEY SAW things on Earth. So that was the best way science by OBSERVATION in THOSE days could describe the ROTATION of the Earth around the sun. You do not expect Joshua to say “Earth, stop rotating on your axis around the sun.” Those scientific terminologies would have been strange to him. He instead used EVERY DAY language, understandable by common, pre-scientific men. That miracle could only be best described as the sun “standing still” from an observational point of view.

So “technical” or “scientific” language do not necessarily authenticate Truth. The Bible is not false simply because it doesn’t use modern scientific jargon.


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