Hell is Real, Christ’s Sacrifice is Also Real!

Hell is Real, Christ’s Sacrifice is Also Real!

Text: John 5:24


Hell is a place of everlasting separation from God. Hell was never meant for man; it was made for the devil and his angels (Matthew 25:41) but because man sinned, he opened the way to also become a resident of hell. Jesus came to die for our sins in order to deliver us from hell. People are not going to hell because of their individual sins (like lying, stealing, murder etc.), these have ALREADY been taken care of at the Cross. People are going to hell because they REJECT the provision made for their sins — Christ Jesus, the Light of the world and His work for sin (John 3:19)! As long as you have accepted Jesus’ sacrifice for your sins, you can NEVER EVER go to hell!


Some have claimed to have had “an experience” or “divine encounter” in which they died and “went to hell for some hours,” during that time, they claim to have seen a famous pastor in hell, that Satan stopped them from “going to Heaven” because of their sins. Please brethren, DO NOT be deceived, such people are agents of the devil sent to hurt the Church and waver her faith. The believer’s trust must be rooted primarily on God’s Word, not visions.


If you go to hell, you will NEVER see a genuine believer there. Those there refused to accept Jesus and so they wound up there. As for you dear believer, Christ KNOWS you and because you have believed in Him, you have passed from death unto life and can NEVER EVER come into judgment or condemnation! Since Satan could not hinder you from coming to Christ and accepting His Finished Work, he has failed! Beloved, Christ has paid the price to give you a secure life in Him- keep your eyes fixed on Him and what He has done! Grace be unto you all!


© Josh Banks Ministries. 21st April, 2015.

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  1. Ololade Favour

    Thank you for this Article sir. It is true that a Believer’s trust and faith must be rooted in God’s word and not otherwise.

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