God’s Promise To Protect You

God’s Promise To Protect You

Text: Psalm 91


Imagine waking up in the morning to bad news, going through the day listening to bad news and coming back home again to bad news! It’s either a new strand of virus, a terrorist attack or economic meltdown — there’s always something to keep you wondering “Am I safe?”

Beloved, your Heavenly Father has promised to protect you from the fowler’s snare and deadly diseases. Do not be afraid of new strands of viruses. God, who is mighty in power and matchless in ability, cares for you and watches over you. He has insulated you from diseases and plagues. When others are going through bad times, be rest assured that it will not come near you, only with your eyes will you watch and see. God will never allow harm and disaster to come near your dwelling place. Your Heavenly Father has stationed mighty angels to guard and protect you from any hurt. Today, you’re trampling over every bad news in Christ — you are a victor in Him! When you hear bad news, know that God has promised to protect you and deliver you in times of trouble. You can be assured of a long and prosperous life because God is for you and not against you! Grace be unto you!


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